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Mega Moves™  is MEGA Fun! Players move 2 MegaSpheres™ per turn.  MegaSpheres™ can be moved in any direction: up, down, left, right and even diagonally. All moves are determined by a roll of the special MegaDice™.

With unlimited strategies, moving two game pieces per turn, and the unpredictable roll of the special MegaDice™, Mega Moves™ is the most challenging and exciting board game ever!

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What Customers Are Saying About Mega Moves™

Avid Chess Player

"This game is like playing Chess WITH ALL QUEENS!"

- Avid Chess Player

School Teacher

"The game is very educational. Children can learn to count with the moves in all directions. I am buying one for my classroom."

- School Teacher

Adult Caregiver

"Mega Moves helps keep elderly minds sharp."

- Adult Caregiver



Mega Moves was designed by artist George Kovach. Upon graduating from college with an art degree, George freelanced as a graphic designer for several game makers. Eventually, he collaborated on a new game design that combined cards and dice. The game was named "Luck Plus" (see images below) and was bought by UNO who sold close to 1.5 million units.

His next endeavor was a board game combining moves like Checkers and Chess, but with dice. Aptly named Mega Moves, this game uniquely splits the dice roll into two separate moves per turn rather than combining. Also unique to the game are the custom designed dice with numbers 0-4 and "X" which means extra roll. Game pieces can be moved in any direction in an attack and capture strategy. Watch the "How To Play" video below for more details.

Luck Plus


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