Most Challenging & Exciting Board Game Ever!

Mega Moves™ is the fascinating grid game of attacking strategies! The many avenues of Mega Moves™ create a unique type of “wide open” play never before experienced in any other board game, yet it is still simple enough for the entire family to enjoy. Add to this the unpredictable roll of the special MegaDice and you will soon see that “Mega Moves is MEGA FUN!”   Visit for more information about Mega Moves.

Think Chess & Checkers with Dice!
7 & UP
Teegee Toys

Object & Summary Of Play:

To capture opponent’s MegaSpheres™ (game pieces) by
landing on the respective space occupied by those pieces.
Space movements evolve from the numbers rolled
on the special MegaDice. Once a player captures
all of the opponents MegaSpheres™,
that person is declared the
winner of the game.

MEGA MOVES is now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD in the Apple app store!

Installing & Playing the Mega Moves App

The Mega Moves APP was designed by Multivarious Games of Columbus, Ohio